Troop 306 Avon, Indiana

Scout Ten Essentials

Ten essential items every scout should have when heading out on any adventure.

The ten essentials can be found on page 207 of The Boy Scout Handbook.

Carrying the scout outdoor essentials with you can make a pleasant journey even better. In an emergency, they might get you out of a jam!

  1. Pocket Knife - Pocket knife, nothing too huge :-)
  2. First Aid Kit - Small personal first aid kit
  3. Extra Clothing - Varies depending on the adventure
  4. Rain Gear - Rain seems to always follow ill prepared scouts
  5. Water Bottle - At least 500ml
  6. Flashlight - A good light source with good batteries, LED style very nice
  7. Trail Food - Snacks, not a full meal
  8. Matches and Fire Starters - Matches, flint, and so on
  9. Sun Protection - Sun glasses, Sun tan lotion, hat, lip balm, and so on
  10. Map and Compass - No toys, make sure it really works
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