Troop 306 Avon, Indiana

Adventures in Scouting

General Camping

Camping is the favorite of most all scouts. We believe that every boy needs to be outdoors as often as possible training in the real world. We mostly camp in non-electric areas around Indiana.


More than perhaps any other outdoor activity, backpacking rewards the efficient packer and punishes the overpacker. Our troop enjoys backpacking for the exercise, training, and unique experience when minimally camping.

Cold Weather Camping

Winter camping can be one of the best times spent in the wilderness. Often in the winter the campground is nearly deserted and offers a peaceful camping trip.

Our cold weather camp outs are a perfect time to practice the skills needed to stay warm, eat well, and enjoy the beauty of a fresh snow fall (and the occassional ice storm).

Spelunking (Caving)

Visit the subterranian world of caving. Our troop enjoys southern Indiana for all the various caves and meeting up with fellow grotto members.

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