Troop 306 Avon, Indiana

Scout Camping

Why Camp?

Camping and outdoor activities are paramount to scouting, but not for just teaching survial skills and running wild in the forest.

The heart of a young man wants to find adventure, scale mountains, and in general... be WILD. There is no better place for running, hiking, swimming, playing, learning, mentoring, and teaching then in the Great Outdoors.

Here are a basic list of items we commonly use on a Troop 306 Campout (First 10 are from the 10 Essentials as listed in the Scout book).

  1. Pocket Knife - Pocket knife, nothing too huge
  2. First Aid Kit - Small personal first aid kit
  3. Extra Clothing - Varies depending on the adventure
  4. Rain Gear - Rain seems to always follow ill prepared scouts
  5. Water Bottle - At least 500ml
  6. Flashlight - A good light source with good batteries, LED style very nice
  7. Trail Food - Snacks, not a full meal
  8. Matches and Fire Starters - Matches, flint, and so on
  9. Sun Protection - Sun glasses, Sun tan lotion, hat, lip balm, and so on
  10. Map and Compass - No toys, make sure it really works
  11. Camp Chair
  12. Sleeping Bag
  13. Mess Kit
  14. Water Bottle
  15. Drinking Cup
  16. Change of Clothes
  17. Pillow and other Sleep Items
  18. Toiletries
  19. Scout Book
  20. Class A Uniform (should be worn when arriving for trip)
  21. Special gear as required per trip
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