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Troop 2446 Questions and Answers

Here you will find questions that parents and youth have asked in the past few months

Cash or Credit?

Q: What payments types are accepted at Jamboree trading posts?
A: Cash, Credit, Debit, and pre-paid cards. Most anything.


Q: What clothes should be worn during normal days?
A: Any scout related shirt or plan shirt with no major trademarkings showing. BSA would also like scouts to not wear singer, bands, or concert shirts. Troop shirts (from any troop), or any scout related shirts are great. It is suggested that non-scouting shirts be plain colors or void of any logos.

Medical Forms

Q: Part A, B, and C need filled out, but for any high adventure, do we need part D?
A: No. The official BSA medical form from the Jamboree site does not include part D, and is not needed (at least not that Crossroads of America council is aware of).


Q: How do we take knives and sharp objects on the train?
A: All large knives should go in a scout's duffle bag. Pocket knives can be taken on the train.

Parents Picking up Scouts at Jamboree

Q: Can a scout be picked up from Jamboree on the last day?
A: Yes, but will require some extra paper work and authorization. Mr. Jackson is still looking into what process needs to be followed.

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