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Troop 2446 Suggested Packing Lists

Personal Gear


NOTE: Arrival day, stadium show, Sunday religious observances, and departure day are uniform days; other times may be determined by your staff leader. Other days are Scout/ jamboree T-shirts or activity shirts with uniform shorts/longs.



NOTE: The Summit has a network of tanks, pipes, and filters that serves as our greywater system. As a result of the greywater system and the ambient-temperature showers, the amount of water required per person has been reduced by nearly two-thirds. And by reusing our water, the size of the wastewater system has been reduced by half.

We are so excited that our Scouts and Scouters are finding inexpensive, renewable ways to heat the water for showers. We just ask that you remain respectful of the overall water-consumption goals on-site. If you are considering a solar camp shower, please limit yourself to three gallons or less in size. Your water-resourcefulness will go a long way in making sure the Summit’s systems are not overstressed.

Troop Equipment (Mr. Bokish)

Items Provided by the BSA

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