Troop 306 Avon, Indiana

Popcorn FUNdraiser

Troop Goal is $15,000 !

Personal Selling Goals

Important Dates

Sat, Sep. 16
Begin Selling Popcorn

Sun, Oct. 22
End Popcorn Sales for Troop - All orders and any unsold popcorn must be turned back to Mary Edwards BEFORE the Tuesday meeting on 24th. This is during FALL BREAK, so some of you may need to turn it in early. Make arrangements with Mary Edwards.

Sat Nov. 21
Pickup Popcorn from Scout Hut

Tue, Nov. 21
FINAL PAYMENT DUE - No exceptions


Go Mobile with the BSA Popcorn Mobile App

Scouts, check out and register online to sell online. You can also sell using the app (Apple and Android).


Prizes for Sellers

Popcorn Kits Available

LARGE KIT -- $400 SMALL KIT -- $230

Selling Tips

Taken from regarding The Best Ways To Sell
  1. ALWAYS wear your uniform
  2. ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself
  3. ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling popcorn
  4. KNOW the different kinds of popcorn you are selling
  5. ALWAYS say "Thank You"
  6. ALWAYS make a copy of your order form
  7. ALWAYS have a clean order form with a pen
  8. BE SURE to get customer email addresses to send them a "Thank You" email after the sale, reminding them they can re-order online.

Safety Tips

Taken from regarding The Best Ways To Sell
  1. NEVER enter anyone's home
  2. NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult
  3. DON'T carry large amounts of cash with you
  4. ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  5. ALWAYS sell with another scout or with an adult

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